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How Nike Aced its Marketing Game with its 3D Billboards

How Nike Aced its Marketing Game with its 3D Billboards

Since its launch in 1987, Nike’s Air Max has gained an immense cult following. The first shoe to feature visible air pockets in its sole, Nike has become one of the most renowned sneakers of all time. In addition to its quality, Nike is also known for its marketing innovation and advertising creativity.

Technology has advanced beyond leaps and bounds and on March 26, Nike’s Annual Air Max Day celebration, Nike advertised every sneakerhead’s passion with style. How? Read on to find out! 

The globally recognized athleisure Goliath unveiled its jaw-dropping 3D billboard at Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station. With a 3D activation model, the billboard caught the attention of social media users and locals alike.

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In the video, there’s an instantly evident orange Nike sneaker box that bursts open to unveil different Air Max styles in diverse colorways while revealing the inspiration behind each shoe. The sportswear giant also dropped hints about launching each pair exclusive to a specific region. Eagle-eyed viewers can also notice a cat’s paw swiping the box right at the end. What does that mean? Well, people familiar with the Shinjuku Cross might be aware of the infamous 3D calico cat, Nya who lives there. 

Who is the muse?

The ad that revolves around mind-warping tech is installed on an incredible three-story-high 4K display to grab eyeballs. Created by Nanaka Sakurai, the studio manager and producer of Nike Japan, the 3D billboard project is a creative collaboration between Nike Tokoyo’s in-house brand creative studio. The motion graphics were the brainchild of Kota Iguchi, the founder of CEKAI and a driving force in Tokyo’s creative community. 

The Rocket League Air Zoom Mercurial Decals and Wheels

Recently, Nike also took over billboards at Piccadilly Circus in London. It announced its new partnership with Rocket League through the Nike Aeronometrics Sonic rockets and the Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Football. 

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Nike keeps experimenting with creative marketing strategies and you can do it too. The Cross Shinjuku Vision is a landmark for many spectators and having your branding campaign running there can be a privilege for brands. Want the same for your brand in the digital forefront? Get in touch with the experts now at Yuved Technology.

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