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Boat Collaborates with Virtual Influencer- Kyra for its Marketing Masterpiece

Boat Collaborates with Virtual Influencer- Kyra for its Marketing Masterpiece

Boat, a premium audiophile brand, is famous because it offers unique, stylish, and durable products. The company was declared the number one brand for wireless and earwear in India in 2020 due to all the good reasons. The popularity of Boat has forced industry giants to lower the prices of their products. However, later the millennial-centric enterprise decided to expand and stepped up into the lifestyle industry as a fashion aficionado and entrepreneur, instead of being a boring electronics company. 

Virtual influencers are all the rage and hype these days blurring the line between reality and fantasy. They have an uncanny resemblance to human beings. They are quite a trend on the internet. The photos and reels of the Boat are astonishing people on social media. They focus on the target audience. These influencers have penetrated people’s minds since 2016. However, Boat decided to join the pool of global VI marketing now. Kyra became the first virtual influencer to reveal Boat’s new product line. Let’s explore what the unique collaboration has in store for the audience! 

Launch and scope of Boat

Boat is an India-based consumer electronics brand established in 2015 that makes earphones, headphones stereos, travel chargers, and premium rugged cables. Imagine Marketing Services Private Limited, which does business as Boat, was incorporated in November 2013 by co-founders Sameer Ashok Mehta and Aman Gupta. There is no shortcut to success. It’s all about connecting several dots to form a line. They modified their approach from the beginning when they projected themselves as a lifestyle brand and kept on improvising, innovating, and creating good products. The reason behind its success is right targeting, online marketing, and portrayal as a lifestyle brand.

Virtual Influencer Kyra

Kyra is the first virtual influencer who loves to travel and enjoys sharing her photographs in beautiful locations. She has a total of 145k followers that belongs to the metaverse. This virtual caricature became a social media influencer. Her social media is filled with a series of posts, trending reels, and pictures from her global travels, fashion photoshoots, airport diaries, and yoga sessions. The idea behind virtual Influencers is to create fictional characters that can engage clients in the world of social media marketing. Boat doesn’t want to be confined within the human limitations of time and space. Therefore, it switched to the meta influencer initiative when it still had the time. 


People are more into social media marketing and influencer marketing. They are interrelated and interdependent. The meta Influencer explores your promotions from their authentic perspective. We need to select the right influencer based on our brand and goals, to ensure that you can maximize the connection with the target audience and their content. So, hurry! And reach out to Yuved Technology.

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