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How Instagram’s New Update Can Protect Underage Users from Online Harm?


How Instagram’s New Update Can Protect Underage Users from Online Harm?

The photo and video sharing platform Instagram has announced that it will limit sensitive content for new teen users by default. 

According to Instagram, there are just two options for teenagers to control sensitive content: “standard” and “less.” Instagram is committed to creating a safer search for users in December of last year. New Instagram users who are under 16 will automatically be transferred to the “less” state. The platform provides a guide encouraging youngsters who are already using Instagram to select the “less experience.”

This will make it harder for young people to find potentially sensitive content or accounts on search, Hashtag pages, Explore, Reels, Feed Recommendations, and suggested accounts,” it added.

Instagram settings for teenagers

Instagram also said that it is experimenting with new approaches to get teenagers to update their security and privacy settings.

Teenagers are urged to evaluate their settings, which include those governing who can repost their content, contact them via messages, what content they can access, and how much time they can spend on Instagram. The business stated that it was “constantly adding controls to let individuals tailor their experience on Instagram.”

Sensitive Content Controls, which enable users to control how much or how little sensitive content they see on Explore from accounts they don’t follow, were introduced last summer. We’re announcing an update to these controls today,” the speaker continued. Users will now have more options besides Explore for managing the amount of sensitive content.

Moral of the story

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