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The Basics of  Website Organic Traffic


The Basics of  Website Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is an important form of traffic for any website where visitors land from unpaid sources. However, the other side of search engine traffic is paid traffic or paid search traffic. This traffic is important because it is always targeted and it is based on the specific intent which provides better ROI and conversion.

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Advantages of Organic Traffic

  • Organic traffic is one of the greatest ways to reach customers online. It’s scalable which builds trust in the brand and beat for all, it’s free
  • It’s free and it’s widely accessed by people
  • We can reach people that don’t know about the word brand
  • We can bring visitors with relevant and specific intent to the site
  • It can be targeted and scaled with a content or SEO strategy
  • It can build credibility and trustworthy relationship with the people
  • The search engine market is vastly and immensely growing

Ways to Check the Website’s Organic Traffic

A website owner can view the organic traffic statistics of the site for free with the help of a Google Analytics or Google Search Console account. Firstly, we have to uncover the website’s organic keyword rankings and estimate the organic traffic based on the rankings. We should go to the Organic Research report and enter the competitor’s name. The keywords number denotes the keyword rankings that the site holds on Google. 

How SEO works in Organic Traffic

SEO is considered the backbone of a website which helps in gaining more traffic. Some of the ways to get Organic Traffic on the website are as follows:

  • Get searched, crawled, and indexed by Google
  • Become visible in the search results so that people would click on the page

Organic Traffic Case Studies

Case study 1: Arkadium, a gaming company, saw a huge increase in Organic Traffic by implementing an SEO strategy that finally targeted better keywords for its business.

Steps to Get More SEO Organic Traffic

  • Form a Google Busines Profile 
  • Make a unique creation of the SEO strategy
  • Regular audits for the websites in case of discrepancies


The best way for the growth of the online business is Organic Traffic which promotes long-term success. We need to keep in mind that not all Organic traffic is created equal- the traffic that goes to the “money” pages and directs visitors to convert to the site is much more valuable for the business. A single SEO plan will give a new direction for the growth of  Website Organic Traffic. Website Organic Traffic is an inseparable and intangible part of today’s world. It is highly indispensable and nothing and no one can replace the Value and worth of Website Organic Traffic.

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