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With the fast rise of platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, a surge of new influencers has emerged in every niche area, with many of them possessing massive followings. Their suggestions influence what many of us dress, purchase, and do. They impact where we go and how we get there, the music we listen to, the food we eat, and the foods we avoid. Their impact on consumer behavior is incalculable but enormous. The fact remains unchanged that we humans tend to believe in people’s opinions and reviews much more than any other outsourced material.

Nevertheless, beginning with influencer marketing – and, more importantly, doing it right – is easier said than done. You may believe that identifying a few influencers and offering your items would be enough, but we are sad to inform you that this is not the case.

Influencer marketing, like every other type of marketing, requires planning, strategizing, monitoring, and measuring. Stay with us as we walk you through tactics for effective influencer marketing.

Set Goals

Marketing is only effective if long and short-term goals are established. Influencer marketing is no exception; you must first establish your goals. Before defining your goals, you must first identify your target audience and approach. Set “SMART” goals to drive your campaign in the right direction.

Be Relevant

According to Marketo, 50 percent of influencers said that the bulk of missed opportunities was the consequence of an irrelevant pitch. Remember that a large part of an influencer’s reputation is built on their ability to be discerning about the things they review and suggest. If something doesn’t seem to fit, they’ll just say no – and you should accept that. Don’t just start contacting everyone who has a blog.

Be Realistic

Influencer marketing must be mutually advantageous, and if you don’t have Klout or cash, you generally don’t have anything top-level influencers want or need. Instead of tier one, target tier two or tier three influencers. You want people who are well-known in their field and have large followings, but who also have the time and desire to work with the “little folks.”


Are you actively using influencer marketing? Or looking for someone who can actively help you in growing your business using social media then you are at the right place, Yuved Technology is here to help you and be your guide in unfolding influencer marketing.