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How to Optimize for Voice SEO – Right Way to Voice Search Optimization in 2023

How to Optimize for Voice SEO – Right Way to Voice Search Optimization in 2023

How to Optimize for Voice SEO – Right Way to Voice Search Optimization in 2023

The way people search for info on the web is evolving all the time. People are doing more voice searches with the introduction of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. As a result, Voice Search Optimization has become a must. As we all know, the number of individuals using mobile phones is increasing faster than those using computers or tablets. As a result, individuals are looking for easier ways to search. Voice search is, of course, one of the greatest ways to search, particularly on mobile phones.

By 2023, roughly half of all online searches will be conducted via voice, which will have a significant impact on existing SEO strategies. Moving forward, optimizing for voice search is just as crucial as optimizing for text search. So it’s time to rethink your SEO strategy and tactics. Before diving into VSO (Voice Search Optimization), it’s important to understand how people search in various situations.

Assume you’re in Texas, and you need to locate the greatest IT services firm utilizing your desktop or mobile device. You’d most likely type in “best IT services company in Texas” in this scenario. When it comes to voice search, your methods may differ significantly. “Hello Google!” you’d undoubtedly say, “What is the best IT services firm in my area?” The question, though, remains the same, but the method is different. Voice searches are a detailed and conversational inquiry, whereas text searches are brief and precise. You may now be considering how to optimize for voice search. Here are some helpful voice search optimization suggestions.


Snippets of Interest:

Have you heard of featured snippets before? The highlighted snippet is a brief summary of a response to your search query that appears in a box above Google search results. Nearly a quarter of all clicks go to featured snippets. If the result of a voice search is included in the featured snippets, the voice assistant will gather that information and present it to you. So, if you want your material to rank for a voice search result, you should focus more on narrating high-quality information so that it appears in Google’s featured snippets.

Page loading time:

Your website will not rank at the top of the results page if your bounce rate is high, regardless of how good your content is. Page performance optimization is extremely crucial, especially for mobile devices. Because, as previously said, mobile devices account for the vast bulk of voice searches. According to Google, mobile devices have a 9.56 percent greater bounce rate than PCs. As a result, if your website is slow in loading your users won’t stay for a long time. does not load quickly, you will lose those users. As a result, verify that the performance of your page is optimized for improved ranking.

Data using Structured Markup:

Structured markup is a type of coding that generates rich snippets, allowing search engines to better crawl and read your information. Structured markup and featured snippets are linked. If your material has markup data, it is more likely to appear in featured snippets and voice search results. According to a recent survey (search metric), web pages containing schema markup rank four positions higher than those without. For websites in categories like movies, food blogs, TV shows, and so on, structured markup is more successful.

Long-tail keywords should be targeted:

The ideal approach for both voice search and traditional SEO is to concentrate on long-tail keywords. Keyword phrases with more than two or three words have a lower difficulty level, which increases your chances of ranking your content at the top of the SERP. When it comes to voice search, most users act as though they’re conversing with a human. As a result, rather than utilizing two or three keywords, they choose more. Hence, long-tail keywords should be given more weightage.


We could clearly see that a majority of mobile users are conducting voice searches in greater numbers than before. In short to make it more brief and easy to understand Voice SEO is the easiest way to fetch results of your queries with the benefit of saving the typing time. It is all about optimizing the targeted page to answer back to people their verbal searches. Moreover, the procedures indicated above are unique, extra modifications based on the target demographic and industry which will make the optimization of voice SEO smoother in the coming year 2023.
To know more about Voice Search Optimization or have any questions regarding it contact our SEO experts and we will gladly answer them.

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