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Drive Your Business Growth to New Heights with PPC Advertising

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Drive Your Business Growth to New Heights with PPC Advertising

In the competitive enterprise landscape where digital marketing is running the show for marketing teams, PPC can be the most effective advertising strategy that a business can deploy. Why and how? Let’s dig in! 

From a user’s perspective, ads are annoying. They pop up during the browsing sessions while listening to music or playing games. However, what is inane spam for users’ is a marketer’s treasure. Ads have changed for the better in recent years, and PPC stats showcase how dynamically advertising has evolved over the past few years. 

The most effective ads aren’t the ones that annoy or interrupt you to offer you something that you don’t need; they are the ones that appear when you are actually looking for the ads. When a user is browsing through relevant websites or searching for a certain product or service, PPC advertising shines best.

A sneak peek into the PPC synopsis

Pay Per Click or PPC advertising is a model where you pay a certain provider like Facebook or Google to promote your ad to the target audience. The model is known as pay-per-click because advertisers pay the provider only when an actual user clicks on the advert. The PPC industry is experiencing exponential growth as through this system enterprises connect with the users they want to reach without wasting a penny on cold calls or emailing. 

In the digital sphere, where about 85% of consumers use the internet to search for local businesses, traffic through PPC advertising yields twice more conversions than organic advertising. Undoubtedly organic advertising has its own set of benefits, but there are several reasons why over 7 million advertisers invested a total of $10.01 billion for the PPC ads in 2017. 

Since 2017, the figures have skyrocketed radically. Do you know that Google Ads alone can reach a network of more than 2 million applications and websites? The search engine giant Google owns about 92% of the global search market share, and 65% of customers click on PPC ads. Ads can bolster brand awareness by as much as 80 percent, thus making PPC advertising campaigns a true game-changer for businesses that thrive online. 

How can PPC aid organizations in attaining new heights of success?

  • PPC advertising can provide instant traffic

One of the most evident pros that come with PPC marketing is timeliness. You can garner immediate results and reach thousands of people instantly who are searching for your products or services. Besides, you just don’t get fast results, you also quickly pull quality traffic to your site as a whole. 

  • PPC ads to reach your audience while controlling the costs

PPC ads are an impeccable way to have total control of your targeting, budget, and ad placements. With your PPC optimization campaign, you can find the sweet spot between budgets and results. PPC advertising services allow you to pay for clicks and not for ad impressions or reach, so your ad can reach more clients while being in complete control of your budget. 

  • PPC ads can drive warm leads

PPC can allow enterprises to reach the right target audience at the right time when they are actively searching for what you are selling. By doing so, you will not only pay per click, but your products will also reach your users who are already in the sales pipeline. 

  • They can drive positive ROI

Unlike other digital marketing campaigns that make it gruesome for you to measure the target KPIs, PPC campaign results are easy to measure. So, you can improve your ads positively until they produce a positive ROI. You never have to spend more on PPC than the returns you get and identify which strategies work best for your business. 

  • PPC user data support your SEO strategy

Before you commit to your long-term SEO strategies, you can test your keyword strategy in PPC. Often the organic keywords are largely hidden due to privacy, However, there is no such restriction with paid search. So, you can get a holistic overview of the keywords that drive conversions at cost-effective percentage and cost. 

  • PPC doesn’t depend on algorithm changes

One thing that is constant about Google is its fluctuating algorithm changes. Starting from the 2011 Panda Update that was deployed to combat the low-quality issues and 2015 Rankbrain for improving Google’s understanding of the meaning behind queries to 2019’s BERT that was intended to improve the interpretation of the user’s search query, Google is famous for the ups and downs in its search engine algorithm. Unlike SEO and content marketing that depend on search engine algorithms, PPC advertising is a great way to get stability through search engine queries. As the PPC algorithms rarely go through high-octane changes, you can quickly judge how your current and future campaigns will proceed. 

  • PPC user data benefits can aid your social media strategy

Configuring your PPC strategy across search and social platforms can reduce the cost per acquisition while skyrocketing your conversions significantly. You can get more cross-channel customer data that you can combine to improve your rankings and spread brand awareness over social media. 

  • Analyze ad performance in real-time

Marketing can be an exhaustive process when the results take too long to appear. When enterprises sign up with a marketing firm, often they don’t see the results of their campaign until its completion. With PPC advertising this isn’t the case. With identifiable metrics and KPIs, you can find real-time data at your fingertips. The metrics can facilitate you to play with keywords, change verbiage or include a promotion so that you can improve your marketing campaign. 

  • Enhance brand recognition with remarketing through PPC 

The thumb rule of marketing is creating a mental image for the customers that can be trusted. Sometimes shoppers have to see something multiple times before bonding with the brand. With PPC, marketers can do remarketing by showing a site visitor relevant ads on other web pages after they visit your site. 

A step-by-step PPC guide for ruling the digital marketing throne in 2021

The COVID-19 chaos has reformed the digital marketing panorama drastically. Every customer is now spending more time online to browse, shop or do their own thing. Businesses are tightening their marketing budgets and looking for surefire, low-cost, and high-impact advertising options to put their brand in front of millions of internet users. When the digital foreground is in a state of complete turmoil, here’s how businesses can survive the pandemic slump and thrive throughout 2021 with an effortless PPC strategy. 


  • For one, you need to define goals and budget for your PPC campaign
  • Analyze the competitive landscape and do extensive industry research to prioritize your PPC goals
  • Optimize using Long-tail keywords to get more traffic and for a targeted search. 


  • Define the account structure that you will need in your paid search strategy.
  • Write an effective ad copy to increase your quality score, increase your click-through rate and reduce cost per acquisition.
  • Create PPC landing pages that are optimized for conversions


  • Never leave your optimization strategy on autopilot when you are at the execution stage. A successful Google ad strategy always involves constant tweaking built into its very spine. Identify the negative keywords and optimize for relevant searches.
  • Measure the progress of your SEO campaign through target KPIs. 

Now that you know how simple yet effective PPC advertising campaigns are, why not give them a shot. Visit Yuved Technology today for curating more ways to magnify your online presence through PPC.

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