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Blueprint for Developing a Superlative On-Page SEO Strategy


Blueprint for Developing a Superlative On-Page SEO Strategy

Numerous surveys have suggested that Google’s first page attracts 97% of the total users. It is evident that many business owners get concerned about enhancing the search engine ranking.

One alternative that’s profusely used is PPC (Pay per click). Site owner spends a sizable amount of resources on PPC to rapidly occupy top ranks. Undoubtedly PPC can shoot up the website rank but many advanced users tend to avoid sites with lots of advertisement and would rather be inclined to organic results.

Recently a campaign has suggested that SEO results are likely to be clicked 9% more than paid results. Yet a tremendous amount of money is spent on the PPC rather than jotting down a systematic SEO strategy. PPC helps to improve the site ranking almost instantaneously but an SEO company can help in maintaining the rank at a much cheaper cost.

SEO might take some time but is highly efficient and delivers sure shot results, Let’s discuss a little depth on On-Page SEO and how it can benefit the visibility of your site.

Choosing an efficient SEO agency

The right SEO agency can help you drive more and more traffic towards your site. Sometimes the SEO practice suggested by novice practitioners creates a lot of havoc. You need to properly analyze all the factors, then make a suitable decision.

Producing high-quality content

Content is the sole thing that could drive your site forward. A continuous flow of relevant, high-quality, and informative content can help your website climb the ladders of site rankings. To create a loyal audience base your content must be unique and true to its topic every single time.

Synchronization of content with keyword

Keyword optimization is quintessential. Gone are those days when the Google algorithm works on identifying certain keywords and then displaying results to the user. Penguin algorithm focuses more on identifying the authentic site with relevant content and it rules out all the manipulative links and helps in upgrading sites with genuine content. Recognizing and associating pertinent keywords is a must-do if you want to keep your site on top.

Our SEO agency would guide you on creating high-quality content with popularly searched keywords. We focus largely on engaging the keywords naturally on the page rather than being pushed into it.

Visual effects

It is apparent that visual effects attract more and more audiences to the site. According to a survey by Venngage, it has been found that sites with visuals attract 80% more audience than a text-based web page.

Image optimization is a crucial task, misalignment would ruin the whole aura of the site. The images must not take much time to load. The website should be well optimized for other devices like mobile phones and tablets. JPEGs are often a preferred choice for inculcating high-quality images whereas PNG’s are mostly used for icons and logos.

An SEO agency’s most important task is to manage the images on the site. Look out for any improvements and amendments that are needed to be made to make the site more efficient.

Following tips can come in handy in On-Page SEO

●       The title should be catchy, interesting, and short. It is the prime attraction for viewers in the case of blogging sites, proper use of title has the potential of increasing the CTR (Click Through Rate)

●       The inclusion of keywords in beginning paragraphs helps viewers to connect more to the content.

●       Venn diagrams, tabulation, charts are better ways of selling your ideas than the descriptive format.

●       Adaptation of a proper format is positively advisable, the page should be restricted to one H1 tag because the search engine displays the title tag rather than the H1 tag. WordPress took a good decision by wrapping the title in H1tags.


On-page SEO can be a bit intimidating when you start doing it all on your own. Without any prior experience or professional knowledge, SEO for websites can be quite a headache. However, you can always rely on experts to get your website more visibility across major SERPs. Just ensure to select the right SEO agency, and you can pave your way towards breaking our outdated brand image and getting more credibility online.

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