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Advanced SEO Hacks to Implement in 2022

Advanced SEO Hacks to Implement in 2022

Advanced SEO Hacks to Implement in 2022

Nowadays basic SEO has lost its importance after the arrival of advanced SEO. If increasing conversion rates, getting organic traffic, and acquiring business growth is your motto then advanced SEO is the ultimate armour for you. 

In this blog, we will be sharing how you can use 7 advanced SEO hacks that can give you full potential to grow your site to the next level.

What are the 7 hacks?

  • Content Upgradation
  • Scrutiny and Removal of Content
  • Acing the Game of Internal Linking
  • Resolving Error 404s
  • Adding FAQs for increased SERP
  • Examining Log Files
  • Featured Snippets Optimization

Content Upgradation

 It is always easy to start creating new content as it is easy to strategize the ideas from the beginning. Yet there are many websites where the scope to improve and upgrade is more on the existing content. New content will take more time to rank whereas the content which has already been posted might have gained traffic and have started ranking. Therefore it is easy to upgrade the old content with a new one because gains and traffic will increase faster in comparison to new content.

While updating the old content you can improve it by adding

  • Facts and trends
  • Performance Data from Google Search Console

Even if you’re not aware of it, content can quickly become antiquated. Content that is outdated has less relevance to the search query.

Frequently, content that had been performing well starts to lose visibility over time. You can reclaim lost ground in this situation by changing the information to reflect current events and facts.

Scrutiny And Removal Of Content

Each webpage has a need that is served according to the audience’s needs.  To make sure the content that is posted or is about to be posted serves the need of the hour. Look up for the content that is not performing or receiving much attention. If that happens know that your content needs improvement.

To make the content scrutiny process easier you can make a spreadsheet where you can add the links of all content that is published on different websites. Dive it into 3 categories ‘Keep’ ‘Improve’ and ‘Merge’. 

What does this Keep, Improve, and Merge do?

So, basically, these pointers are a checklist that segregates what works and what does not.

Keep- Page performance is good. No changes are needed.

Improve- Focuses on the pages that need improvement for better performance 

Merge- More than two pages are combined into a single page with any page which has 301.

You can run this check-up once or twice a year depending on the amount of content that is published.

Acing The Game Of Internal Linking

Internal linking is considered to be an important  SEO hack. As SEOs, we frequently rush to acquire new backlinks before ensuring that the ones we currently have are operating as efficiently as possible. Optimizing internal linking based on the pages that receive the most links from your website is one useful thing you can do.

Resolving Error 404s

Links directing to 404 pages on your website don’t help you rank, so remove them immediately. It’s normal for websites to have a large number of authoritative links pointing to defunct pages that have been discontinued over time and never redirected, despite the fact that these links might be assisting in their ranking.

Adding FAQs for increased SERP

If you already have high rankings, you should carefully consider how to make your listing more visible on search engine results pages (SERPs) in an effort to push rivals farther down the page. 

Questions you address in your content can now surface directly in the SERPs thanks to FAQ schema markup. If your page features Q&A-style content, you ought to take this strategy into account. You will be able to move your competition further down the first page, even if you already rank highly.

Examining Log Files

 Log file analysis essentially provides you with a technique to comprehend how search engines are indexing your website and any troubles they may encounter.

Featured Snippets Optimization

Google made an announcement about featured snippets where it said that they were removing duplicate organic listings from the first page of search results for websites that also get the Featured Snippet. Basically, before this change, you could theoretically occupy positions 0 (featured snippet) and 1 (top slot). This is not the case anymore, and a website that takes the featured snippet will only have this displayed on the first page.

Despite this, the majority of SEOs should continue to focus on featured snippet optimization because it offers the chance to outrank all other organic results. 

Final Words

In highly competitive businesses, SEO requires more than just the fundamentals. Understanding the more sophisticated techniques can help you put better strategies into practice that will boost your SEO and set you apart from the competition.

Even in situations where you now rank in significant positions, you should constantly be on the lookout for strategies that your rivals aren’t employing and ways you may improve your own organic visibility.

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