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The Golden Rule for Keyword Ratio


The Golden Rule for Keyword Ratio

Everybody is using keyword research tools to find keywords. What are you doing out of the box to unearth keywords that you can easily rank for on SERPs? That’s when Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) comes into the big picture. 

What on Earth is KGR?

Coined by Doug Cunnington, Keyword Golden Ratio is the process of finding target intent keywords that aren’t covered in-depth by any website. With Keyword Golden Ratio, you can find in-demand but undersupplied long-tail keywords that are otherwise known as the low-hanging fruit. 

The KGR Keyword ratio calculator can aid you to increase affiliate site revenue, boost organic traffic on your site and potentially help your site rank higher in the top 50-100 Google search results within a few days. 

The KGR Formula is listed as follows:

KGR= # of allintitle results/ search volume (need to design an image)

If your KGR is less than 0.25, you will rank in the top 50 results after your page is indexed. When your KGR is between 0.25 and 1, the keyword can help you rank in the top 250 search results in a short period of time. However, if a KGR is greater than 1, this means that the search term in question is competitive and it will be difficult for you to rank. The important caveat that you must remember is selecting target keywords with a search volume of less than 250

Why choose a search volume of less than 250? 

Doug Cunnington capped the monthly search volume at less than 250 when you developed the original formula. Why? Because he noted that lower search volumes tend to rank faster and secondly, he recognized that people or competitors will more likely try to target keywords with a higher search volume as the profit potential of these frequently searched terms is comparatively higher. 

Why use the Keyword Golden ratio?

The KGR can help brands to prioritize their SEO efforts by narrowing the scope of their keyword research. You can target the low-hanging fruits, set realistic expectations with actionable data, and use the right keywords to outrank your competitors. 
Still, using the keyword golden ratio calculator on your own? Reach out to the experts to magnify your results and amplify your outreach with an amalgamation of Keyword Golden Ratio and other digital marketing techniques.

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