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From Online Bookseller to Global Retail Giant- Amazon’s Adventure


From Online Bookseller to Global Retail Giant- Amazon’s Adventure

Know Amazon?

Yes, the same online superstore that has become ubiquitous with shopping now!

Can you imagine in your sane mind that about two decades ago Amazon was nothing but an one-man army in a shabby home garage, with a light bulb?

Circa, 1994, Jeff Bezos launched Amazon.com in his garage. Initially, when Amazon took its first flight, the business expected a 30 percent chance of success- slightly better than the 1 in 10 odds for other e-retail startups.

By 1999, the sales of Amazon had ticketed past $1 billion, and two decades after its launch, Amazon has managed to conquer online retail, racking up sales of $136 billion in 2016. When did Amazon start selling everything? Well, the year was 1998, when Amazon expanded beyond books to include DVD/Video sales. There’s virtually nothing that Amazon hasn’t touched now in 2022.

An Always Successful Company?

Amazon’s history states that it started as a far cry from the swanky Silicon Valley Goliath that it is now. However, was it always successful in its journey? It evolved. How? Well, when Amazon started as a venture on the World Wide Web, it was not the first or the only company to do so. Computer Literacy, a Silicon Valley bookstore, was already eminent in the market since 1991. But, Amazon incepted with the promise to deliver any book to any reader anywhere across the globe(something that Computer Literacy didn’t do). What else did Amazon.com do right? Let’s explore!

How did Amazon become so big? Unveiling Amazon’s Secrets

For one, the company practiced and preached the “Working Backwards” strategy. Instead of focussing on technology, Amazon started prioritizing customer experiences that can be simplified with technology. In addition, Amazon didn’t limit its product selection to those in high demand. As the company wants customer loyalty, so it established an e-store where you buy everything. Amazon’s success largely stems from its innovation. Ranging from Echo to Kindle, the product and service range is nearly infinite.

However, one of Amazon’s strongest suits is omnichannel marketing. The name is enough now, but the firm still heavily relies on robust marketing blueprints that stand firm on customer experiences. Want something similar for your business? Inspired by the story of Amazon? Reach out to the digital marketing mavericks at Yuved Technology now for bridging the gap between innovation and technology!

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