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Digital Marketing Blunders- A Guide to Not Screw It All up!


Digital Marketing Blunders- A Guide to Not Screw It All up!

You are new to leveraging digital marketing. You are very sure it will be a fruitful move. In the wake of accomplishing your business goals, you learn everything to get there. And you never paid heed to the don’ts. And it so happened that the trenches you tried to escape all this while engulfed you! Your venture tumbles down due to the wrong digital marketing moves. Nightmarish isn’t it!

When you have set out for something, you need to have clarity of what not to do! Or else your business venture can crumble down. You might succumb to the eccentricities of the digital world. Stiff competition is a given, and the trends can blind you. Even if a digital marketing agency has your back, having a grip on the right track is not a cakewalk. But here is something that can save you- being aware of the possible mistakes! So here is us bringing you the significant marketing blunders that people mostly commit. 

No clear goals

Having pre-defined goals keeps you on track. If you do not have a point of focus, you might burden yourself with a whole lot of tasks that are not relevant. It is imperative to have objectives while setting out for a digital marketing campaign. It might be anything that you look forward to achieving, traffic on the website, whopping sales or lead generation, or creating awareness in the society about a particular subject. Set up objectives, so that your digital marketing campaign gets a direction

Lack of Plan of Action- 

A plan of action serves as a road map for digital marketers. If you have signed up for digital marketing services, see that they have architected a proper road map to follow and not be lost somewhere in the middle. A plan of action saves you from having multiple strategies at once. Chalk out your plan of action with your digital marketing wing and leverage it to achieve your goals in the shortest possible time frame. 

Lack of Promotion on Your Website- 

What is the probability of a potential customer chancing upon your website organically? It is close to impossible as there are gazillions of other websites like yours. The competition in the digital scenario is always stiffer than yesterday. With the increase of awareness about the benefits of digital marketing, the competition is rigorous. In such a scenario, owning the website does not suffice, increased visibility requires adequate promotion. PPC services can get you more clicks and visibility. 

Lack of Content Strategy- 

If you want people turning up to your website organically, you have to put out engaging, relevant, and unique content. Above all, you need to update the content of your website now and then to keep your potential customers hooked. It is better not to have a website than to have an outdated one. Do not entertain bugs and monotonous content in your website. Ensure an unmatchable user experience in your website.

Redundant or Duplicate Content- 

Through the content on your website, you create an impression on the users. Moreover, duplicate content is the biggest enemy of search engine bots. Redundant content, on the other hand, can turn your potential customers off. You need to direct a significant amount of your focus to the content of your website. 

Turning a blind eye towards competition- 

It is unpractical if you keep focusing on your approaches and look nowhere around you. Ignoring your competitors will not help you. The apt digital marketing term is the SWOT analysis. Streamline your digital marketing approaches accordingly and have a close analysis of the response of your competitors. 

Black Hat SEO Moves- 

It has to be one of the obvious mistakes that every newbie in the digital marketing world commits. Employing black hat techniques for the benefit of the website might seem beneficial but is quite the opposite in the long run. Adhere to the fact that there is no speedy solution to having a cutting-edge website. With time and righteous SEO practices, a website levels up its value. If you want long-run results that stay, stick to white-hat SEO moves. 


You know the bloopers of the digital marketing world now. Acing the digital marketing scene is not a flowery world as it seems from a distance. You have to be at it constantly. The stats for your website will upset you at times. You might not see the productivity as well. But the idea is not to give up. Try implementing various strategies and see what works the best for your website. 

And be digitally tuned in! We believe it can move mountains…

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