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Mobile App Development: The New Dawn of Exposure for Businesses


Mobile App Development: The New Dawn of Exposure for Businesses

As technology advances at a skyrocketing speed with each passing day, smartphones are becoming more and more ubiquitous. Do you know that an average American spends an average of 3 hours each day on their smartphones? When you multiply this estimate over a month, it adds up to half the total time that they spend on their full-time job. Well, when the modern customer is hooked to their smartphone screens, it has become a mandate for businesses to devise a way to stay connected through smartphones, and one great way is through mobile applications.

The significance of mobile app development for enterprises is very palpable because smartphones have changed the way marketing used to be. Apps have made it simpler for the global audience to get connected with brands and so without mobile application development businesses will struggle to get exposure as well as sales. 

Benefits of mobile app development

The past few years showcased the explosion in mobile application usage all across the globe. Worldwide, there were about 3.5 billion smartphone users by the end of the year 2020. The increased demand for mobile apps among the majority of big businesses and general customers propelled the ROI in multiple ways. From connecting with the customers and devising an eCommerce store to learning more about the consumer base, there were numerous ways in which mobile apps bolstered business growth.

Direct communication and geo-targeted marketing

Mobile applications can work like a charm to engage customers and bring brands valuable information such as geographical locations, shopping behavior, and customer data with respect to certain products and services that can help businesses understand the market demand without any roadblocks. 

Increased brand recognition

Mobile apps are an effective way to build brand awareness. Instead of a blank billboard sign, when you opt for a mobile app, you can acclimatize your customers with your brand. The more your customers get involved with your product/ or service via your mobile app, the more they will patronize it. This is otherwise known as Effective Frequency in advertising that can enhance your brand recognition to several orders of magnitude. 

More customer loyalty

Do you know how much noise there is out there in the marketing world? The immense amount of adverts out there can serve as a distraction for your customers and make them lose their focus. But, with a full-proof marketing technique configured with your mobile app, you can create strong customer loyalty. 

Enhanced accessibility

Another substantial benefit of mobile apps is that they enhance business accessibility. They allow brands to be able to send notifications about what has changed or what’s new in their products or services. It equally allows enterprises to build a strong relationship with customers that can in turn allow the development of a genuine customer base. 

A transformed retail experience

An intuitively responsive mobile application can help in transforming the retail experience by enabling retailers to remain ahead of customer expectations. With an interactive mobile app, brands can cut down on the storage cost and increase profitability with an online inventory that is easy to access for the general audience out there. 

Seamless payment option

If you own an e-commerce store, then creating an app for it is the easiest way to make payment simple. You can design push notifications that can remind your customers or update them about their payments. A user-friendly mobile app can enable fast and secure integration through payment gateways to make online payment easy for your customers. 


An effortlessly user-friendly application isn’t just an option to get more brand awareness and connect with potential prospects, it is a mandate. The increased demand for mobile apps is an indicator of how the industry is changing and now that you understand the critical role played by apps in bringing sales, make sure that you invest in an experienced, resourceful, and creative mobile app developer. For that matter, you can always rely on Yuved Technology. As a leading mobile app development company, Yuved brings together a multifaceted skillset from diverse areas of design, usability, analytics, marketing, and brand creation to provide businesses with a holistic solution for mobile application development. Contact now to get in touch with the app development experts!

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