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What the Most Recent Google Algorithm Changes Mean for Your Search Results


What the Most Recent Google Algorithm Changes Mean for Your Search Results

Google is about to implement a change to its search ranking algorithm that could end up being one of the biggest updates in decades.

The helpful content will target websites with a disproportionately large volume of unsatisfactory or unhelpful content that was written for search engines rather than people. Google claims that this change, which will soon start rolling out, will have a big impact on the search results.

What is the helpful content update of Google?

Google’s helpful content always prefers content that has primarily been created for ranking purposes in search engines rather than helping people. 

According to Google, the goal of this algorithm modification is to make it easier for users to access “high-quality content.” Google wants to promote and reward better content that is more beneficial to users and written by human beings. The term “search engine-first content” or “SEO content,” which refers to information created to rank well in search engines, has been used frequently recently and is a trending topic on social media.

In other words, because those websites were designed to do well in the search engines, searchers are unhappy when they find unhelpful websites that perform well in search. Google intends to boost human-designed websites above search engines while degrading those kinds of websites with its new algorithm. According to Google, this is “a continual effort to remove low-quality content and make it easier.”

When will Google’s helpful content update launch?

The helpful content update will roll out within august last weeks to fully roll out, Google said. They will post new stories when it begins to roll out and when it is completed on search engines.

Impacts of helpful content updates?

  • Online education material 
  • Shopping
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Tech-related

Will the helpful content update can be significant like Panda?

Many SEOs who lived through the Google panda update of February 2012 are changed now, How SEOs recommend writing content going forward? Now panda update is built into the core update so that it is still in use. 

This update also sounds more similar to the panda update. 

Why do we care?

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