Benefits of Zero Position on Google SERP – How To Get There?


Benefits of Zero Position on Google SERP – How To Get There?

Just when we adapted to the idea of securing the first position on Google SERP, we saw how replaceable one can be. Any website might take over you and make it to the first place on Google SERP. Does it seem like a never-ending competition? Of course, but what next? “Zero Position” is your solution ultimately. Let’s find out everything about it here!

A zero position is a special informative section that appears even before the first place of Google SERP. The Zero Position is also popularly known as Featured Snippet. Google uses this place to bring the most relevant search result for the particular keyword for the users. It is an extensive eye candy section on the Google SERP page for the users. It usually pops up when the keyword is a question or has a definition. Featured snippets intend to provide a direct answer to the users.

If you want to make your website visible enough, you need to streamline your moves to its best. Well, it’s 2022, and the digital market has evolved and become the ultimate change maker. The scenario demands digital marketers to see through everything and find marketing prospects. We bring you a pie here, spelling out a terrific marketing strategy on the digital market. 

A Flashback to The History of Zero Position

The search landscape has gone through many shifts, and it is a different scenario compared to the past few years. The driving force of this evolution is providing valuable answers to the searchers. The answers are human-curated and aim at satisfying the search intent of the user. Leaping the conventional search results, Google uses a trillion pages to fetch real-time search results. It evaluates the relevance and brings out information from a website’s copy featuring on the Zero Position. 

Where does Zero Position content come from?

The search engine algorithms find the content for Zero Position from the web pages of the Google Search Engine. It is the most relevant answers that get to seize the zero position. It catches the attention of the searchers as it provides them with suitable results often.

How is Zero Position a golden SEO hack?

Want to climb height through a remarkable digital presence? It is a distinct SEO move that can fetch you kind-boggling results. When you say distinct, it is less-known but an effective way! Zero Position is one of the golden SEO hacks that can tremendously benefit your business. You get more visibility which is the sole intention of having an on-point SEO.

By now, you might have had enough idea of why websites get stiff competition in the first place. It is ultimately the visibility game. It compels website owners to walk that extra mile to stand out amongst all the others. Relevant traffic is something that every website needs and Zero Position can help you fetch that! Note that you appear above the top-ranking website so you can earn more organic clicks. You might have any business goals set for the future, but the clicks from the Zero position will have a substantial contribution in sky-rocketing your sales. You can leverage this section and be striking to your potential customers.

Making It to The Position Zero

Wanna lounge on that golden seat? Dear digital marketing enthusiasts, let me tell you that you have taken up a challenge! But we are there for you through thick and thin. We have got you a few honest tips for getting your website up there in the Zero Position. Check them out.


What does your website talk about? It would set the relevance of your website for various searches. One incredible idea to frame appropriate content featuring on the zero position is framing it as a perfect answer to the probable questions about it.


The keywords you use for the content would ultimately decide when a section of your content shows up in the Zero Position.  If you want your website to make the fullest featuring in the Zero Position, thorough keyword research is imperative.

The on-point aesthetic of the Website: 

If you are working towards featuring in the Zero Position of Google, you aim at fetching more clicks. For that, you will require the aesthetics of the website to be on point. 

A working website (Sounds crazy? Duh!!!):

The aesthetics alone won’t do the whole thing for you. You got to have a working website as well. A functional website is a likable one ultimately. Your website can only claim a good user experience if it is a functional one. 

So, summing up it all,

It is the value you serve to the audience. Search engines like Google are completely after enhancing the search results henceforth, an unmatched user experience. If you have relevant content for a few keywords in your website, then the Google algorithm is more likely to feature your website in the Zero Position. Here is hoping you can successfully leverage that little featured snippet section to get a world of difference. 

Till then, be digitally tuned in for the incredible!

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