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SEO Metrics Indicating Whether you are on The Track


SEO Metrics Indicating Whether you are on The Track

Have you ever known someone providing digital marketing services? The only trip that a digital marketer can ever afford is a guilt trip! Duh! The utmost disturbing thing about digital marketing, and significantly SEO, is you will be entangled in the vicious circle of gauging your approaches and streamlining them forever. But a significant part of the process is finding the right metrics to weigh how result-driven your SEO strategies are. So, if you haven’t been successful in finding the right metrics to measure your SEO moves, then you have chanced upon the right place. 

But if you are smart enough, you will know a few vanity metrics that do not serve the purpose well. We are here to bring an insight into SEO services and metrics to gauge them.

Up and Running SEO Metrics 

Measure your SEO approaches with the following metrics and watch yourself at a way better place.

Organic Traffic-

Several shortcuts are there to boost the traffic of a website. But what counts is the genuine traffic turned up to your website organically. If the organic traffic of your website has gone up, it indicates your successful SEO efforts. It is an unrealistic expectation if you feel SEO can bombard you with overwhelming results at once. The process is slow but promising. Google Search Console helps you track organic traffic. You get a detailed overview of the traffic concerning the time and geographical location. Are you an established brand? Then, enjoy your tip here- apply a query filter to your Google Search Console, and obtain a whopping brand traffic view. It enables you to gauge your SEO approaches more accurately. 

Keyword Rank

Keyword rank shows how deliverable your website is for a particular search. It gives you an insight into the visibility of your website. If you have not yet got an idea about tracking your SEO approaches the right way, here is what you need to do. It is just a mirror of where your website stands. Ultimately, you get a wholesome idea of where your SEO efforts are taking you! The golden rule for keyword rank is- if your website ranks for relevant keywords, it counts!

How to track it then? If you want accuracy then, AHREF’s Rank Tracking tool is a good pick. Above all, you can have regular emails to follow up on the elevation or fall of the keywords in the Google SERP. 


Visibility is the overall rate of clicks for each of your keywords on the website. It is a cardinal key performance indicator that brings forth the accurate measure of visibility. Popular digital marketing agencies assert that Search Visibility is the most suitable KPI to track your SEO metrics. AHREF Rank tracker can help you keep watchful eyes on the search visibility. Main keywords with search intent play a substantial role in tracing the search visibility of the website. 

Conversion Rate:

Conversion is a digital marketer’s favorite word! It is the simple SEO metric that gives you a significant insight into where your business stands. Check the website, sign up, and SUBSCRIBE! That’s the drill we want our audiences to follow. The conversion is a mere mirror of how successful your marketing efforts are. It is a clear indicator of the rate of elevation of revenues. 

Above all, if the website is an e-commercial store, the conversions make the utmost sense to you. Track it accurately by setting the enhanced e-commerce tracking in Google Analytics. A healthy comparison of conversion rates in two separate time frames is the one that makes some sense. Do not make unnecessary comparisons if you have seasonal sales wings. 

Core Web Details:

It comprises three significant SEO indices that weigh the overall user experience that the website manages to render. 

  • The largest Contentful Paint is the largest element loaded in the viewport. 
  • First Input Display is the time frame in which the user interacts with your website.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift is the measure of how stable the elements are. 

You can find many tools in the market to get a detailed report of the core web vitals. If any of these indicators show a not-so-pleasant score, you should work towards fixing them up as soon as possible. Search Engines are more likely to elevate the ranking of a website if it has a phenomenal loading speed and ensures a smooth user experience. 

Website Health Check: 

The health check of the website is about the internal links of the website and the SEO bugs. SEO bugs are more blunders that hold back from grabbing a higher position on the search engine result page. The website health check is a site audit. It indicates all the errors that might play a barrier for bots to crawl through your website. 

Inutile SEO Metrics

You might have heard a lot about the SEO metrics that are here below. Do not be blinded by the dummy indices. See to it if your digital marketing company is serving you value! Bringing you the SEO needles that never functioned like so (THE TAKEAWAY!)-

Bounce Rate- 

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of the audience who just turned to your website and left it without any further action. Most digital marketing experts recommend taking this SEO metric seriously but obsessing over it is just pointless. You have got no benchmark to achieve when it comes to the Bounce Rate of a website. It ultimately boils down to the user intent and the source of traffic.

Exit Rate- 

Exit rate is the percentage of sessions that have ended on a particular page. But the high rate of exit pages is not the appropriate indices to weigh the potential of a page. It might also indicate that the users got the information they searched for and then left the website. So, dear digital marketing ninja, find something worth focusing on!

Pages per Session: 

Pages per session are the average time spent on particular pages by the users. Does it indicate the potential of a page? Absolutely not! Numerous variables play their part to make it an unrealistic and utterly unreliable SEO metric.


Finding out the apt indices determining the direction of the SEO approaches is a vital step for a digital marketer. Interpret the stats rightly and optimize your website to leverage it for the website’s benefit. And for better insight on SEO, keep following what the leading digital marketing agency has to say!

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