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How Amazon is Acing the Marketing Game for Rings Of Power?

How Amazon is Acing the Marketing Game for Rings Of Power?

How Amazon is Acing the Marketing Game for Rings Of Power?

The Rings of Power series on Amazon drew more than 25 million viewers worldwide on its first day and the credit goes to marketing!

Based on the universe forged by JRR Tolkein and lined up a few thousand years before the events of The Hobbit, Rings Of Power is all set to become the biggest grosser of Amazon’s Prime Video Service. With its teaser posters unveiled in January, the show is becoming a spectacular treat for marketing enthusiasts. Avid marketers cannot keep calm because whoever is handling the marketing is definitely thinking outside the proverbial box. 

The marketer’s efforts

Out of the 20 character posters thrown up on the official Instagram account of the Rings of Power series, not a single poster had the actors’ faces. Every poster features the hands of the actors grasping something that is a hint of their identity. From swords to staff and acorns, anyone familiar with Peter Jackson’s adaptations of the Lord of the Rings can decode the cultural background of the characters.

Amazon leaving no stones unturned

What did Amazon do? Well, Amazon is known for its profound retail presence and the app leveraged its giant retail user base cleverly to advertise its show. When you open the app, you can see a popping animation reminding you of the show and once the app completely loads, you see a TROP takeover that takes users to an entirely new dimension of the Rings of Power. 

You can see visuals from the show autoplay with mesmerizing effects thrilling enough to give you goosebumps. Before the show launched, there was also a live countdown across the app and website that kept fans on their toes and literally on top of the release timeline. In fact, for those who use FireStick, there was a trailer on the homepage as well. 

Amazon deployed a multi-layered approach to spread the word about Rings of Power. You can see related content and features, buy books on Amazon Retail, ask Alexa to play the trailer and stream it in 4k Ultra HD and listen to the music on Amazon Music.

Moral of the story..?

Marketing is a double-edged sword. If done correctly, it can make anything go viral within a jiffy. Whether it is about creating curiosity with social media teasers or launching marketing campaigns across multiple platforms, ensure you do it right with a creative digital marketing agency. Searching for a branding strategy or marketing framework to make your campaign an instant hit? Send an owl (JK) or drop a line to the experts at Yuved Technology now!

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