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5 Quick Steps to Rank 1 on Youtube

5 Quick Steps to Rank 1 on Youtube

5 Quick Steps to Rank 1 on Youtube

Who doesn’t want to grow his or her Youtube channel rapidly? Who doesn’t want to be seen in the highest-ranking videos list on Youtube? Of course, every person who is into the Youtube and content-making field does. Achieving goals have never been easy without hard work and the same goes for ranking #1 on Youtube. In the era of smart work be an old school and do some hard work with these 5 quick steps to optimize your videos that will be readily available on Youtube.

Perfect Keyword Does Exist

People nowadays search on youtube with exact keywords for example “Dance By XYZ”. Now if you have these keywords on your video description, on tags it will help you reach the audience while searching. Make videos according to the market demand. Always keep an eye on what kind of content the audience wants and then start hitting the bull’s eye.

Easy Peasy: Sit back and Watch Videos

Youtube can become an addiction. Turn this addiction into something fruitful. While surfing Youtube it is mandatory to know your competitor’s strategic plans. User engagement criteria are effing important in the Youtube ranking factor. Doing competitive research also includes the below-given points:-

  • Time Duration of Competitor’s Videos

There aren’t any stipulated rules for the video length of the content however according to studies it is considered that longer videos tend to get more views.

  • Making videos according to the most searched keywords and needs of the audience 
  • Read the video descriptions of those ranking videos infer important keywords and start incorporating into your video description.
  • Video Titles are very important. Make sure these are written in an easy and 
  • searchable manner.

Content Creation

This part holds great importance because this is the place where your creativity will be reflected. Make content that is most relevant and searched on Youtube by people. Be more creative and authentic towards your content yet keep in mind the above-said rules. Didn’t read those? Go back now and read.

Metadata Optimization

You may do a variety of things to help people find your content once it’s finished. Pay care to the following:

  • Include your principal target term in the filename, and use dashes to separate words.

For example, if you want to rank for “BRAND Label + REVIEWS,” you should name the file brand-name-reviews.

  • Use the major keywords in the title, it will be easier for viewers to find your video. Keywords should not be crammed into the title.
  • Video About:  Video content is important like on-page content. It holds much weightage like SEO. Just like on-page content, the video description is crucial to SEO. Make certain to:
  • Placing the page links on the landing page at the top of the description so they’re always noticeable.
  • The minimum limit of the video description should be 250 words.
  • Tags for the video: Tagging is a key part of making your video more discoverable.

View the source code of your competitors’ videos and search for og: to see how they tag their videos.

Video: tag

  • Choose a custom thumbnail that will tempt users to click.
  • CC & Subtitles: Captions aid with accessibility and are searchable on YouTube if they’re created within YouTube or uploaded as a separate file. Crawlers won’t be able to see them if they’re baked into your video has subtitles.

Use the Weapon: Socialization

Finally, make sure to share your video with the rest of the world. The more views your video receives, the more probable it is to rank well on YouTube.

Which video metrics matter the most in terms of rankings?

When ranking videos, YouTube considers the following factors:

  • YouTube prioritizes new videos because people enjoy seeing new things.
  • Video Retention: This is the percentage of a video that people prefer to view; the more of a video that people watch, the better the signal.
  • Comments: These show that people are watching and commenting on your video.
  • Subscribes after watching: If someone subscribes to your channel immediately after seeing a video, it’s a highly positive sign.
  • Shares \sFavorites
  • Thumbs up/thumbs down are used to indicate if something is good or bad.

Getting the most out of your watch time metrics:

Take a hard look at your video data to assist attract views and boosting viewer retention. An in-depth analysis will help you uncover ways to improve your video and keep viewers engaged for longer.

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