Volunteer work at Shri Harsha Mishra Deaf and Dumb School

Shri Harsha Mishra Deaf & Dumb School

Volunteer work at Shri Harsha Mishra Deaf and Dumb School

We went, we watched, our hearts melted. We were so touched by the glow in their faces while posing for selfies, that tears of joy almost rolled down our cheeks. What can we possibly give these kids in return?

In July, we managed to contact Shri Harsha Mishra Deaf and Dumb School and on 1st August, we went there for our volunteer work. When our team went to the community center, the kids showed great enthusiasm. We were welcomed in their humble abode with all the warmth that they had to give. The kids ushered us inside to show us their home and how they live. It was astounding to see how the kids outshone their vicious loop of physical disabilities. 

Our team had so much fun reading, spelling, writing, and counting with them. Some cuties also came together to play games and get their picture clicked. Some of them helped us with a bit of their sign language. The kids had a remarkable method of communication. They talked spontaneously and rapidly with each other while exchanging indulgent smiles and using lipreading and dactylology. When we were finished, they stood in a line to shake our hands and say “BYE”, with big smiles on their faces. 

As we went out, some of us sat anxiously on a bench because what the kids were going through was not easy for most of us. We thanked the almighty for our normal lives and swore that till the day Yuved thrives, we will always be there for the less fortunate.


Shri Harsha Mishra Deaf & Dumb School4
Shri Harsha Mishra Deaf & Dumb School2
Shri Harsha Mishra Deaf & Dumb School3

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