Life @ Yuved

Team Retreat at Jungle Camp

At Yuved, our team isn’t just a bunch of people working together, it is our extended family. To encourage the extraordinary efforts of our team and provide bonding time amidst the WFH ecosystem, Yuved Technology organized a team retreat on 2nd February 2022.

In January, at the start of our fiscal year, we shut the world out and shifted our enterprise infrastructure online to adhere to social distancing protocols. However, to instill major positive changes and enhance our company culture, we planned a small team retreat to Jungle Camp in the first week of Feb. The resort was a real delight for the eyes. Nestled peacefully in the laps of nature’s most bewitching corners. Jungle Camp was an ode to harmony. 


Our trip began with an early morning drive followed by a hearty welcome by the resort staff. Ranging from the welcome drinks, cricket sessions, and adventure sports to the glamping experience, sumptuous meals, and poolside fun, everything was no less than perfect. The team participated in hours of learning, team building, and extracurriculars and there was just the right amount of scenic wonders, adrenaline rush, and beachy activities to add to the entertainment. 

Overall it was a rare time when spontaneous moments arose and hilarious memories were made. With everyone’s heads down in work throughout the week, the team retreat at Jungle camp proved to be an escapade from the hustle and bustle of our concrete jungle. One adventure down, many more to go!